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In a complex investment environment, advisers need to leverage every tool at their disposal to get the best outcome for clients.

Increasingly, managing expenses in addition to assets is a critical part of the equation. But are the right clients getting the cash flow management advice they need? And how can you leverage cash flow management as a tool for engaging with clients who need it most?

In our report we draw from proprietary research to unpack how high-performing firms are using cash flow management to build stronger relationships and deliver better outcomes for clients.

A holistic view of client wealth

of advisers believe client wealth needs to be viewed holistically – not just investments, but also lifestyle and cash flow analysis1.


A key benefit of cash flow management is that it allows a more complete view of clients’ wealth. Cash flow management gives advisers visibility of not just investments, but income, debts and everyday spending, helping identify opportunities that might not otherwise come to light.

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Who’s missing out?

of advisers believe 30 – 44 year olds would benefit most from cash flow management support1.


There’s an opportunity for advisers to engage Millennial clients with services that address their specific needs, and establish strong relationships for the future.

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What do Millennials need?

of 30 – 44 year olds agree that day to day living costs are getting out of control2.


One way advisers can help is by taking on a coaching role, helping Millennials manage current lifestyle expenses, minimise debts and continue to grow their wealth.

Download the full report

Download the full report

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